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Here are some advices regarding your investment in purchasing pressing machine for increasing production capacity of not exceeding 400 tons.

Nowadays, metal pressing machine has a significant role in metal work production, such as forming of metal, auto parts, motorcycle parts, utility vehicle filters, house ware, and transforming of metal into various forms according to mold specified. There are various methods in choosing pressing machine for the purpose of achieving quick work result, with quality, at low cost, and for quick return of investment. Sometimes, users selected inappropriate machine for their work and investment such as, invest in purchasing foreign machine, with air crush system, which is suitable for automatic process, only to conduct only few pressing work service. It is sometimes not beneficially put to use for both new and used machines thus, has caused the cost to increase, difficult to find spare parts, and having to bear high cost of maintenance.  It is therefore, not cost efficient, yet, slow to recover investment, unless being product producer themselves. Even they are product producers, sometimes, for some work, it does not require using foreign machines that would waste budget such as, work that only requires machine for one-by-one pressing, except for the work that molds can be modified to run the machine automatically. In some jobs, which are hired by foreign companies in which it is mandatory to use a specific machine, in which the employer has not invested in purchasing machine for own use or for pressing by itself, only having product in hand, it is of importance to explain to them that selection of machines no matter of what type, what category, or from which country, the user must take into account the necessity of the work, to see whether the type of machine is suitable for the work considering cost efficiency and ability to make profit in a short period of time. For example, in some cases, the molds cannot be modified to run in automatic system, thus it is suitable to use mechanical press, which has lower price, and can recover investment quickly. But if the molds can be modified to automatic processing system, then air crush pressing machine should be selected, which would be worth your investment. If anyone wants to hire us to do the work at low price we would be able to do it, but please do not suggest us to use machine from the same country as the work itself, by claiming good and bad sides. This is because we are hired to do the work at low price hence, it is not practical to buy machine. 
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How to maintain metal pressing machine?   

-In case of using pressing machine every day, maintenance should be done as follows: 1.  Apply grease every 4 hours in areas such as, 2 sides of crankshaft bushings, propeller crankshaft. 2. Lubricate both linear guide ways every 4 hours. 3. Always check oil level. 4. Apply grease on cogs every 15 days. 5. Check screws for loosening.        

Is there any suggestion regarding how to operate pressing machine efficiently? 

- Operating pressing machine efficiently is depending on many factors as below:

1. Check whether type of the work is suitable with capacity of metal pressing machine or not.

2. Mold must have sharpness so that it will not load capacity of metal pressing machine.

3. Care, clean, and always check lubricating system.

What are steps for installing mold onto metal pressing machine?

- Operating pressing machine efficiently is depending on many factors as below:

1. Turn off metal pressing machine first.

2. Lower pressing head to the lowest position by turning pulley by hand and watch the scale on linear guide ways; it must be at the lowest position.

3. Place mold on machine base.

4. If mold is at too high or too low position, adjust at thread ball joint.

5. Lock mold to machine base and pressing head.

6. Once mold is installed, set pressing head at the highest position by turning pulley by hand.