K.M. Press Limited Partnership

"We are Mechanical leading company  in Thailand

Serving the Region’s Most Important Manufacturing Hub"


Manufacturer of auto parts, metal cutting work, mold wire cut-super drill, CNC work 


World’s leading manufacturer of coated aluminum household appliances

Yarnapund Public Co.,LTD.
Leading manufacturer of exhaust pipes and clutch kits 

THAI YANG KITPAISAN CO., LTD. Manufacturer, exporter and distributor of technical rubbers for automotive engineering. 

Thai Summit Autoparts Industry Co., LTD. Leading auto parts manufacturer of Thailand 

K.M. Press has provided continuing support for student interns from Samutsakhon Technical College to get hands-on experience every year.
“we are developing our press machines to be as efficient as imported machines which produce unnecessarily high cost.”
Presently, our skilled personnel have worked together to develop and improve metal press machines on over 2900 m2 workspace in standard certified factory to come up with strong and durable press machines which are widely accepted by our valued customers. Our wide range of press machines from the size of 10 tons to 400 tons, together with modern machinery can efficiently and punctually support customer needs. 
We also provide service for customers with individual needs of special machines, such as short/long stroke, mold inserting length, or expanding plate table. We make machines according to customers’ needs concentrating on our mission “we are developing our press machines to be as efficient as imported machines which produce unnecessarily high cost.”
Established in 1977, K.M. Press Limited Partnership was merely a small machine shop providing turning operation and general machinery assembly service. Due to a small number of press machines at the time, a lot of customers were interested in using our products. Later on, under cooperation with customers, we were successful in inventing metal press machines which were subsequently used in machine shop. Other press machines were also invented to support added workload, such as press machines related to agricultural work, auto parts, household wares, and electrical appliances.
K.M. Press Limited Partnership 
was established to meet the demand for work related to formation of components through our personalized press machine design.

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K.M Press Limited Partnership
We are a leader in press machine designing, manufacturing, and stamp formingwith high quality, provided by experts with over 35 years’ experience. We provide advices and after-sales service to ensure that “through our products and service, your business will gain tremendous success.”

We are expert in designing press machines to suit every individual need in all industries. 
Quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction are our priority in manufacturing press machine, meanwhile, providing good services to offer sales and maintenance in a competitive price. 
The prices of domestic press machines compared to those imported are comparatively more worthy considering the same level of efficiency enabling a quick return on investment and generating long-term profit.

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